PerDiem_IPhone_5PerDiemCalcLITE: App based on Top Selling full-version App, PerDiemCalc. “Top iPhone App” as Featured in the Air Force Times, Navy Times, and Army Times:

PerDiemCalcLITE makes it easy to find the US Federal Government (DOD) per diem rates for a single location. PerDiemCalcLITE is perfect for Active Duty, Reserves, Guard, Civilians, and Contractors. Includes rates for all 4,000+ US and OCONUS locations plus seasonal per diem rates.

Buy the Full Version to add multi-trip functions, and the ability to save/email your trip estimates. This is the only app to do multiple stops and calculate an entire TDY trip in seconds. You are able to search by location and will remember your most frequented destinations.

**This currently uses 2010 data…The new 2011 data will be available shortly as a free update**

Full version of PerDiemCalc with 2011 rates is on sale in the App Store!